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About 70 people work in Helsinki and Jyväskylä


We are developers, designers and business-savvy experts driven enough to take over the world. We are mighty proud of the work we do and deliver concrete results by specializing in modern web and cloud technologies. With us you’ll be building the digital society of tomorrow.
Desire to Improve

My previous workplaces were not bad places at all. In fact, I do not have any horror stories about them. But one of the differences is that in those places I needed to fight for my permission to go to conferences. To use my pay time for that and to get the expenses reimbursed. I needed to actively push that. If I wanted to go somewhere, I needed to explain why it’s important. “Hey, check it out. It’s in Finland. It costs you just a dime. It’s only a one day stay and I’m not even using a hotel. I’m staying in a cheap hostel.” At SC5 it’s almost the other way around. In fact, our tech leader reminded me yesterday, “Tero, do you remember that you didn’t check out the conferences you’re going to this year yet”. This hasn't happened in any other place I’ve worked at before.

Office Everywhere

My cousin also works at SC5 and he likes to surf. So in December 2012, we went to Bali. He stayed there for two months, I enjoyed it only for two weeks, and we were working remotely. We rented a place not far from the beach and went surfing in the morning. We began coding in the afternoon when it was already too hot. It was really convenient because of the time difference which is about six hours. When you’re done surfing in Bali, people wake up in Finland and you can start working with them.

I really like how flexible our terms of work are. Whenever possible we can do these kinds of things.

Team of 70

When I was at my first interview for SC5, back in May, I asked Marjaana, “What about having a team?”. Working with a team is very important to me. However, being back then the office manager, I wouldn’t have a team. My only official team member would be Marjaana. Luckily, then she told me, “Don’t worry. You will survive. You will have 70 people as your team members."

It is actually true. I now know everybody in this company. Nobody is left alone here. It’s all about being a member of a friendly community.

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Tero Tilus
Lead Developer
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Mika Mielonen
Lead Developer
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Laura Reponen
Employee Experience Specialist

Our rituals

Round table

Every now and then, Matti, our CEO, Marjaana, our Head of HR, and six to ten employees meet outside the office on a chosen weekday and generally after work hours to openly and informally discuss what’s going on in the company. Anyone can sign up and join the meeting if they want to take part in the discussion.    

We find it a very constructive way to talk about things which may stay aside because of everyday routine. During the meetup one assigned person, usually Marjaana, collects all ideas and wishes to her notebook, and later shares them both in our internal wikipage as well as in a separate Trello board. This approach helps us to show everyone in the company what topics have been discussed and collect their feedback.

Spot bonuses

Everyone is encouraged to recognise their colleagues for the good things they do for our culture, our competences, or just for all of us. Spot bonus is a small bonus which our employees can give each other almost without any formality. All they need to do is inform Marjaana about any example of good attitude such as “Hey, I think Jarkko did a great job with organising the last event about innovations in mobile development”.

Spot bonuses is one more opportunity for people to show their appreciation towards the work their colleagues are doing.

Streaming on Tuesdays

Working at a customer office doesn’t mean our employees aren’t part of our companies everyday life. While being constantly connected with their colleagues via Slack, we feel that this is not enough, which is why each Tuesday we have our knowledge sharing sessions. Sometimes our employees take the stage and share their expertise, sometimes we invite external guest speakers.  

Every talk and presentation is streamed and recorded. If the people have time during the day, they can connect and take part in a live discussion. If not, they are welcome to watch the talks later.  

Yearly gala

Once a year we organise a big party for all employees and their partners to celebrate the end of the year and have fun together. Our galas are themed events where everyone can show their creativity in making amazing costumes and influencing the atmosphere of the party.

For example, we chose Steampunk as a theme for the gala in 2015. Goggles, waistcoats, top hats, leather jackets, timepieces… It was incredible!

We live by values
We keep ourselves on top of the latest trends by learning from colleagues and also by attending courses and conferences. We expect you to visit several conferences per year and share your findings with your fellow SC5ers for example in our Tuesday Streamings or by writing a blog post.
No one is left behind. We act with integrity and honesty towards each other, SC5 and our clients. We strive to create an environment where everyone gets heard and is able to influence how we work together and what direction we go.
Openness and honesty are always the best policy. No need to be afraid of mistakes, but please share your experiences so others can learn from it.
If it is good for SC5 and our clients, you can do it. If you have a company credit card, use it.
We are active participants in wider professional community and share information and receive it. Our doors are open for meetups, conferences and other informal events.
Office life in Helsinki
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